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Transforming the world of first & last mile delivery

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Fast, efficient delivery is challenging.
It doesn't have to be.

Hyper-adaptable solutions

Your customers expect deliveries must be fast, low-cost and convenient. At Terminality, we apply latest technology powered by our expertise to help you make delivery your competitive advantage.

Deep Experience

Our delivery orchestration and strong pallet distribution network in the Baltics helps you delight your customers and improve overall operational efficiency – transforming your business digitally through data.

Completely Integrated

We make it easiest to sync your internal systems with external partners and customers – supported by our team of industry experts, trusted network, and years of experience optimizing delivery and logistics form the first to the last mile.

Customs Brokerage Services

Necessary documentation for the import procedures

  • Single Administrative Document (SAD), completed in accordance with the current procedure for completing import documents
  • Declaration of value
  • Import procedures can be handled in any customs warehouse in Vilnius

Necessary documentation for the export procedures

  • Single Administrative Document (SAD), completed in accordance with the current procedure for completing export documents
  • Other cargo accompanying documents

Transit documents

  • Transit declaration (T1), TIR Carnet
  • CMR, other cargo accompanying documents

Our partners and customers are getting

  • Professional customs brokers services
  • Personal attention to each request
  • Customs and temporary storage warehouses that meet all the EU requirements
  • Modern infrastructure of our areas which includes customs warehouses, distribution warehouses, 24/7 secured truck parking and cargo storage sites

Deep understanding

Delivering across pan-Baltic can be overwhelming without the right delivery growth partner.


We have deep understanding of the regional business processes in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia along with expertise for applying the right technology to simplify FIRST MILE and LAST MILE.


Terminality team are your trusted growth partners from the start. Get the right solutions for every stage of your business, from start to expansion.

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Our strengths

Technology & deliveries,
100% integrated.

First/Last Mile: Delivered

We handle all delivery requirements with zero-tolerance towards loss/damage across pan-Baltic from the moment of booking to the moment your customer signs for their goods.

Development Manager

Giedrius Ambrozevicius

Pioneers in Digitization

Technology is meaningful only when it is useful. We can help you save time, reduce costs, and automate repetitive tasks via our latest business management systems.

Let’s innovate together!


Inquiries & Orders

Digitized services

ERP, TMS built on Salesforce platform


Integrate real world through API, become digital native.


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We Deliver Everything

Hello-Sveiki-Привет to Local, Regional, and International Freight Forwarding companies, Logistics professionals, and rising eCommerce platforms:

We have the strongest Terminal System and Distribution/Collection network across the Baltics, giving you secure and fully integrated logistics solutions for First & Last Mile deliveries, including over-sized parcels.

Let's innovate together!

Our team and services can help you win more customers,
get in touch with us and we promise to delight you 🙂