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Transforming the world of first & last mile delivery

How to be the best ―
Delivery Growth Partner?

Terminality team has 50+ years of expertise in logistics and transportation because of genuine passion for improving efficiency and digitizing the industry.


We know that shippers, local freight forwarders, as well international freight forwarders find it challenging to expand in the pan-Baltic Sea region, and that’s why we wrote this manifesto to share our values that drive us to deliver + digitize.


We hope you choose the First & Last Mile Delivery Growth Partner with culture and vision that match your own. We call our manifesto the 7 Fundamentals of agile parcel distribution and rapid technological innovation

7 Fundamentals of agile parcel distribution and rapid technological innovation

In our quest to be the best Delivery Growth Partner, Terminality team started offering a range of distribution and delivery services for parcels along with digital innovation services based on these fundamental founding principles:

First mile

First mile delivery is the crucial first stage of transportation in the logistics supply chain. Any delays during the first stage can cause a domino effect along the supply chain. Best delivery growth partners ensure collecting accurate and complete information, always be prepared, plan in advance, and securely handle all shipments

Last mile

Moving goods from a terminal/distribution hub to its final destination is not the end of transaction but beginning of a long-lasting relationship between you and your end-consumers. It is mission critical that the delivery growth partner ensures transparency, helps reduce costs, and increases efficiency. This is where our knowledge and strength of pan-Baltic distribution network saves the day.

Customer Success

Most pallet networks lack in-depth expertise for latest advancement in e-commerce and do not prioritize customer service. A first and last mile delivery growth partner offers dedicated, capacity-managed service for all types of freight – standard as well as bulky. Traditional pallet network model does not match the constantly changing business and end-consumer habits which makes customer success and experience the ‘kingmaker’


Delivery growth partner must possess expertise not only for next-day, timed or economy deliveries of standard pallets but also demonstrate capability for unusual freight and be prepared for all types of circumstances. Freight forwarders, shippers, as well as end-consumers deserve stress-free experience which can be treated with the neutral expertise it requires


Visibility and transparency are assumed to be inherit in modern service industry. End-consumers have become accustomed to expect this as default, therefore, best delivery growth partner is the one who offers real-time shipping data & analytics, custom reporting, online shipping documentation, and top-level on-brand track and trace system because data is unbiased and truly insightful


Focus on delivering not only goods but also excellent end-consumer experience. Progressive mindset of first and last mile delivery growth partner makes ease of doing stress-free transactions a reality for entire supply chain. Delivery growth partner is in a unique position to provide delivery of goods and technical know-how delivered with shipping software built to digitize first and last mile


Connecting first and last mile stages with high-tech tools delivers on two fronts; goods are picked-up and delivered on time and stressful decisions are eliminated by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that ships more orders with fewer people. The title of best delivery growth partner is earned by offering inquiry automation, order automation, tracking, electronic documentation

If our founding principles match your culture and vision then let's get in touch and innovate together.